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Individual and family financial workflows on DeFi

The MeanFi App

The MeanFi app is a user-friendly app that you can see as your window into the crypto and decentralized finance world.

You can access it here: https://app.meanfi.com

MeanFi is a DeFi portfolio management (see everything) and capital management (do everything) app. In other words, it is the DeFi Everything App. The app changes often and is meant to grow as more things become available across the DeFi world.

Your Capital On-Chain

Much like Mint and Personal Capital changed the world of traditional finance, giving visibility to your fiat capital, MeanFi does the same for your crypto capital and defi investments.

In addition to being able to view your on-chain capital across all your on-chain accounts, three specific things are special about MeanFi:

  1. Solar Safe: You have access for FREE to a self-custody multisig protocol on Solana, where you can manage your assets with additional protection in a team setting. This works well for families, digital asset inheritance planning, collective team accounts, and much more.

    • Read the whitepaper here.

    • Follow the usage guide here.

  2. Token Streaming: This is a Solana protocol that allows for an entirely new class of use cases, like real-time salaries, true-to-the-second pay-as-you-go media consumption, cash advances, and many other financial workflows.

    • Read the whitepaper here.

    • Follow the usage guides here.

  3. MEAN Staking: The Solar Safe and Token Streaming protocols are an open-source public good. This means they are free to use, copy, and implement by anyone, at any time, across the world (sort of like the HTTP and TCP standards by the IEEE). These standards have an actual implementation that has been deployed and audited on the Solana blockchain, and the control of those programs, their parameters, and deployment authority are in the hands of the Mean DAO. MEAN staking is the process of staking the governance token of the DAO token to secure these protocols.

    • Read about the DAO here.

    • Read about MEAN token here.

    • Read about Staking MEAN here.

    • Follow the MEAN staking guide here.

Other everyday use cases are listed below. Although not an exhaustive list of what's possible, these are, by far, the most used workflows.


If your company is paying your salary in crypto (BTC, SOL, ETH, etc.) or stablecoins (USDC, USDT, DAI, etc.), they may be using the Token Streaming protocol to deliver these payments to you.

One of the benefits of being the recipient of this arrangement is that you don't have what is commonly known as a "Pay Day"; instead, your salary or contract tokens get "streamed" to you via a Token Streaming smart contract, from which you can request a withdrawal directly into your wallet anytime you want.


In this workflow, you can set up a "Remittance Token Streaming" contract for a loved one or family member (parent, grandparents, etc.) and reload your available balance little by little as you gain access to more liquidity from your salary or other earnings.

You can read more about this use case here.

Family Safe

Security is of utmost importance in the realm of cryptocurrencies. With the rising popularity of digital assets, individuals and families must review strategies for protecting their funds. A multi-signature (multisig) wallet is a cybersecurity solution that has gained considerable adoption in the crypto space.

While digital assets are generally decentralized, protecting them requires more forethought than traditional funds. However, new technologies like multisig wallets give you added security to store your digital assets with greater peace of mind.

Digital assets are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and with a Family Safe, you can safeguard your assets for your family and the next generation. You can store and manage your Bitcoin (BTC), Solana (SOL), and Ethereum (ETH), along with hundreds of other cryptos and stablecoins, with best-in-class security and access to social recovery, access controls, and spend management.

You can read more about creating a multisig for your Family Safe here.

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