🟡Staked MEAN (sMEAN)

How to stake MEAN and leverage sMEAN tokens

$MEAN token holders can increase their governance power and distribution allocations by staking their tokens into Stakes MEAN (sMEAN) tokens. sMEAN staking rewards include emission incentives and a share of the protocol revenues.

How to stake MEAN?

When you stake MEAN, you receive sMEAN in return. sMEAN represents a claim on MEAN staked in the staking vault.

sMEAN is an SPL token that is movable and tradable, making MEAN staking a fully liquid staking solution with 100% capital efficiency while maintaining your governance rights and benefits as a MEAN token holder.

The amount of sMEAN you receive when stake MEAN is calculated based on the price difference between sMEAN and MEAN. The price of sMEAN is determined by the total MEAN in the pool over and above the amount staked. This price will grow as more emissions and fee revenue are deposited into the staking vault.

The greater your sMEAN holdings, the greater your Mean Voting Power; with that, your say in MeanDAO's governance.

Claiming staking rewards

MEAN Staking is a liquid form of staking, just like Lido's stETH or Marinade's mSOL staking. When you stake mean and receive unlocked sMEAN, you do not need to 'claim' your rewards, as they will be distributed to you when you unstake. On top of getting back the MEAN you staked, you will also receive a share of the fees and emissions added to the staking vault (as extra MEAN). The longer you leave your MEAN staked, the more MEAN you will make.

Locking sMEAN

In an upcoming release of the MEAN staking program, the DAO plans to offer locking periods you can use to boost your rewards. Staking MEAN will then involve locking your tokens for a predetermined time in the staking contract.

MEAN holders are incentivized to lock their MEAN for two primary benefits: to boost their voting power and to earn a more significant share of the revenues. There are both short and long locking time-frames from 7 days to 4 years to choose from. The longer a user locks their MEAN tokens, the more significant the boost they receive. While your tokens are locked, they cannot be unlocked or transferred by users. Please be mindful of this and plan accordingly to navigate market conditions.


If you stake and lock your MEAN for 30 days or more, you become eligible for revenue distributions paid in MEAN and distributed automatically every Wednesday from the community treasury.

The protocol distributes 40% of the revenues allocated to the repurchase program directly to MEAN stakers in the form of dividends. The distribution is relative to how many MEAN tokens each user has staked as a percentage of the entire MEAN stake. The larger your percentage, the more significant your distribution allocation.

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