✅Governance & Voting

MeanDAO governance helps determine the future of the organization and its protocols

Governance is the collective and decentralized decision-making process on specific rules and directions for MeanDAO. Given we are a protocol DAO that makes products, the governance proposals are geared toward code maintenance, roadmap, and future releases of the protocols and products we support with our Treasury resources.

General Primer

The following points will allow you to understand governance and the forum better.

Respectful and good-faith discussions should be the cornerstone of any decision-making process. In trying to enact change, please keep this principle in mind.

MeanDAO’s governance has components on-chain (Voting Portal on Realms) and off-chain (Proposals Forum on Discord).

Proposals Forum (Discord)

Community-driven discussions, well-reasoned arguments, and voting in this forum can all influence the protocols without the need for tokens. Here are some tips on navigating the forum:

  1. Each category has a pinned ‘About’ post with useful resources.

  2. The ‘Latest’ tab will show you the most recent conversations.

  3. Feel free to introduce yourself in the Welcome or General channels.

Voting Portal (Realms)

MEAN is the governance token whose ownership grants voting rights on proposals to dictate MeanDAO's protocols. Always do your research when voting.

The official Discord has a Proposals Forum to openly discuss ideas before voting.

When a proposal has matured enough and has a lead, it moves to the Voting Portal for on-chain voting. The voting governance portal for MeanDAO is hosted on Realms.

The process of submitting a proposal

MeanDAO members can submit a proposal ranging from the improvement of the Protocol to improving the community's health and the token to attract new developers and growth, to name a few. The steps are pretty simple, as mentioned below:

  1. Start by discussing your ideas on the General Chat of the MeanDAO Discord

  2. As the idea gains momentum and traction and has a more defined structure, one can move it to the Proposals Forum (also on Discord) with its own topic.

  3. Get the token holders and DAO members involved early in the conversation to ensure that the draft and submitted proposal follows the DAO's guidelines and goals.

  4. Once you feel there's enough support from community members and token holders in the Forum, it's time to submit the proposal for vote on Realms.

  5. Congratulations! Your proposal is now submitted.

There are circumstances where a proposal might be rejected or declined due to various reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  • Lack of clarity (i.e. poorly written, little scope, etc.)

  • Lack of ownership (no one is taking ownership over the deliverables)

  • Missing KPI to measure success against

  • Missing information such as timeline, deliverables, budget

Having a proposal declined is not a sign that a DAO member should not show active participation in the construction and delivery of a proposal. Rather, it is just a learning curve to improve on those proposals and to present better, clearer, and well-articulated ones.

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