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Welcome to the Mean Finance Ecosystem official docs

What is Mean Finance?

Mean Finance is a financial ecosystem of products, platforms, and people coming together around a common goal:
To accelerate the world’s transition to decentralized finance ecosystems and bring economic equality and opportunity to individuals and organizations everywhere.
It's pretty simple but powerful, and it helps us focus on the one crucial thing.

But why and how?

As it turns out, free-market capitalism is a great system for organizing the world's resources and moving humanity forward.
The rules of the system are solid both in theory and practice and have been proven to work well in societal constructs where they are unrestricted and can run free (i.e., the US). However, since conception, these free market principles have been challenging to extend equally across cultures, countries, and borders everywhere in the world.
While we certainly believe nobody should be forced to play by these rules, those who choose to should have untethered access to play the free markets with the same access and conditions as anyone else who also wants to play (and there are a lot of us). However, this is still not possible in today's reality.
There are two reasons why the world hasn't been able to adopt these rules:
  1. 1.
    Overly restrictive governments and ideologies against free-market capitalism (i.e., dictatorships, communism, etc.)
  2. 2.
    Lack of technological advancements to give access to everyone around the world.
Sadly, #1 remains a challenge, but the world has made phenomenal advancements in #2. The internet first brought communications on a global scale, and most recently, crypto pushed us forward in bringing global consensus and agreement over resources online.
We believe that bringing the economic freedom and access now available through #2 has a high probability of disrupting #1 in a significant way for mankind, and we are betting our lives on it. More specifically, we want to accelerate it by building the tools and infrastructure that make it more accessible with lower barriers of entry for everyone.

What we do

We are crypto people, software people. We are finance people, economists, and philosophers. We are internet people. We are freedom and decentralization maxis.
To the extent we are all those things, what we do on a day-to-day basis is build UX-centric decentralized finance products (DeFi) that help to move our agenda forward. We design our products as tools that make accessing these phenomenal networks called blockchains easy.

What we are NOT

A good analogy is that we MAKE HAMMERS; you can use it to fix a door or break a window, and how you use it is up to you. We are still the hammer-maker, not the one that fixed your door or broke the window.
We are not service providers, and we are not bankers. We do not provide services, and we are not a bank. We are not the gatekeepers of what's right or wrong, legal or illegal; those things are best left to the local governments, regulators, lawyers, and law-abiding or law-breaking citizens.
These gatekeepers face a considerable dilemma, having to reconcile Right vs. Wrong across religions, borders, jurisdictional systems, and political systems. We wish them the best of success in their endeavors, which are (as they should be) focused on the local nature of the cultural strata of the society they serve.
But much like the hammer is a universal good that humanity has benefited from for millennia, we have our intent hyper-focused on delivering hammer-like tooling to access financial freedom globally.
Join us in the fight for freedom, equality, and access for everyone on a global scale. Let's work together to leave this world in a better shape than we found it.
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